Smart Contract Auditing

We can verify that your smart contract system works as intended by performing an audit. Our engineers fully review your system’s architecture and your smart contracts codebase, then write a thorough report with actionable feedback for every issue found.

Identify Security Flaws

The audit will identify the key security flaws in your code, this will significantly reduce the risk of attacks

Increased Company Credibility

A successful smart contract audit will serve as a great source of credibility for your company, clients and investors

Reliability Tests

Ensure the robustness and reliability of your smart contracts, to prevent costly and time-consuming rectifications

What Is Smart Contract Auditing?

We provide comprehensive and standardized audits of smart contracts through rigorous independent reviews. We provide you with a detailed audit report as a certification that your smart contract has undergone a rigorous audit. The report documents each function in your contract and how it is performing.

Smart contract auditing outlines potential problems in the code, provides additional recommendations to increase security, and general analysis of the contract dynamics reflecting state-of-the-art security patterns.
Our smart contract audit reports are private sent to your team so they can address the issues we found. Publishing the report after your team fixes the issues is optional, but strongly recommended as a way of to contribute to the ecosystem’s security. We can work with you on a disclosure strategy.
Smart contracts of all kinds of decentralized applications can be audited. We have strong expertise in Solidity, Vyper, EVM assembly, JavaScript, Python, and Bitcoin Scripting code. We’re open to working with additional tools if necessary.

Our Smart Contract Audit Approach

This process represents a general plan and particular detail will strongly depend on the feature list.




Audit Preparation

  • Feature set breakdown
  • Architecture proposal
  • Assessment of requirements
  • Mapping of dependencies and risks
  • Definition of technology stack to be used with clear justification
  • Meeting between all of the developers on the project to fully understand the features and potential future features
  • Preparation of the project infrastructure (repositories, wiki, etc.)



Verification and Validation

  • We validate that your contract is performing the logic it was intended to and there are no security issues.
  • We also determine the impact of the smart contract on the entire network if it is operational.



Gas Analysis

  • We perform gas analysis of your contract and help you optimize it to ensure that your users don’t end up spending unnecessary Ethereum transaction fees.



Audit Report

  • We provide you with a detailed audit report as a certification that your smart contract has undergone a rigorous audit.
  • The report documents each function in your contract and how it is performing.

Are you ready to have your smart contract(s) audited?

Contact us for a free discovery call. Here is what will happen next:

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Our senior team will discuss your requirements and strategy

Get your budget

Based on your requirements, we provide budget, activity and timeline estimates

Project kick-off

We bring together a team from a range of disciplines to kick-off your project

Why Blockchain Reactor?

Experience, paired with a commitment to deliver an exceptional product to each and every project is what makes clients keep coming back to us.

Our Team

Our team is a culmination of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry, all available to work on your project. We have an expert for every domain – no more passing the baton between different firms for different services. We have smart contract developers and architects who actually built the Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks.

Our Experience

In sixteen years, we've worked with over one-hundred tech start-ups, as well as dozens of multi-national organizations. We have the know-how and experience to provide a solution to any problem your blockchain company has. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute and deliver excellence on our timeline promises. 

Our Approach

We have a no-bullshit approach. To put it simply, our developers will move to other companies if we are not working on suitable and relevant use cases for smart contracts. We actively measure and monitor our efficiency levels to ensure our team is operating at maximum capacity to deliver projects on-time, every time.

Smart Contract Auditing FAQs

What types of smart contracts do you audit?

We primarily audit Ethereum-based smart contracts. We are actively working on developing a protocol that can audit any smart contract from any blockchain.

What problem is Blockchain Reactor looking to solve with smart contract auditing?

We are looking to standardize the auditing process and enhance the quality of smart contracts on the Ethereum network. In 2017, over $300m worth of Ether was either locked or stolen from the Ethereum network due to bugs in smart contracts. Currently, smart contract creators do not have a scalable, cost-effective way to enhance the quality of their code.

How long does a smart contract audit take?

Smart contract audits take 2 – 3 weeks to complete.

Will you fix the vulnerabilities that you identify in my codebase?

Not by default. Our smart contract audit process provides a thorough report with actionable feedback for every issue found with the smart contract. We have smart contract developers who can fix any identified vulnerability with your smart contract, upon request.

What framework(s) do you use for smart contract auditing?

This is something that is taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the smart contract in question. The feature set of the smart contract can have a significant influence over the audit procedure adopted by the Blockchain Reactor team.

Ready to implement blockchain technology in your business?

We provide blockchain development, ICO consultancy, smart contract development, smart contract auditing, and blockchain accelerator workshops to start-ups and enterprises looking to leverage the power of blockchain technology in their businesses.