Cross-border blockchain payment solution

Blockchain Reactor developed a cutting-edge international blockchain-based payment solution allowing for near-instant cash transfers using cryptocurrency tokens.


International payments are slow, costly, and lack transparency.

Big companies can negotiate a good deal from their bank, but consumers and SMEs get a bad deal, and there are three reasons why.

Issues with speed

Manage Payments between European banks currently take several days to clear when transferred from one bank to another.

Issues with cost

International payments are often very expensive. For consumers, costs can be up to 15% of the total transaction value. This is entirely impractical.

Issues with transparency

There is minimal opacity in international payments – it’s extremely unclear how much you’re spending when you’re making a payment.
Our Solution

We’re making international payments easier through blockchain

A conglomerate of European banks has come together to find a secure, scalable solution for their clients to pay international bills. As the solution provider, Blockchain Reactor is liasing with these banks to provide a user-friendly and intuitive application for their end-users.

Secure, scalable infrastructure

Built upon blockchain technology

Technology Stack

For each project, we use the most suitable, modern technology stack to ensure the client’s requirements are delivered with our end product.


AngularJS was used for the front-end of this project


NodeJS was used for the back-end of this project

Hyperledger Fabric

The Hyperledger Fabric was used for developing the blockchain element of this project


Android technology was used for running this solution on native Android devices


Apple’s iOS technology was used for running our solution on Apple devices
Pilot Phase

Our solution is currently being piloted in several European banks

The product is being piloted at present so there will be results presented in Q2 of 2019. Once this pilot has been successfully piloted, the leadership team will look to expand internationally to the further afield.

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