Blockchain Reactor tech experts delivered Ethereum workshop to building technical capacities

BCR contributes with Ethereum hackaton to building technical capacities for further universal IOV protocol development.


Currently, the process of accessing blockchain technology has become very complex. 

Since the release of bitcoin, over 4,000 altcoins (alternative variants of bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies) have been created. For each blockchain, the end-user needs to have a different wallet.


Among the vast array of competing blockchains, there have been no platforms to date proposing a solution providing a simple, seamless, reliable and secure user experience that can enable mass adoption.


Our client, IOV is building the first revolutionary wallet which can access all tokens of a user. By implementing the Blockchain Communication Protocol (BCP), IOV Wallet is becoming the first wallet to be able to send, receive and exchange any kind of cryptocurrency from a single address of value.


Lack of interoperability

The current global blockchain ecosystem is fragmented and territorial. Blockchain’s rapid but haphazard growth has created a disorganized ecosystem of autonomous chains, each with its own protocols for accessing values.


Address complexity

One of the main barriers to mass adoption of blockchain technology is the difficult process of making cryptocurrency transactions for newcomers. A significant portion of crypto transactions are accidentally sent to the wrong address.

Different wallet for every asset

While the number of new cryptocurrency assets continues to grow, users are still unable to send or receive these different assets with the same wallet. Almost every time a user wants a new token, they need to download a new wallet.

Our Solution

Building technical capacities for further universal IOV protocol development

To maximize the positive achievement of its promises, IOV needed sufficient technology understanding of different cryptocurrencies and expertise. In order to build a sustainable solution for the challenge, IOV turned towards Blockchain Reactor, looking to a trustful partner for internal capacity building.

Scalable and sustainable tech capacities


Specially designed 4 days Ethereum workshop


After the initial assessment of IOV needs and level of expertise on different platforms, Blockchain Reactor technical team came up with the specially designed on-site workshop, delivered by Blockchain Reactor tech experts based around Ethereum technology and different aspects for implementation within IOV protocol.

The process was structured over a two-week timeframe with designated Blockchain Reactor technical team and product owners with the developer team(s) from the client side: include a week of preparations followed by 4 days on-site workshop.


On behalf of IOV, I would like to thank the BC Reactor team for hosting last week’s Ethereum workshop. We found the workshop very informative, practical and worthwhile. Your enthusiasm and positive spirit made the workshop both productive and engaging.

Daria Samoylova

Global coordinator, IOV

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