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Based in Dublin, Belgrade, Antwerp, and Nijmegen we develop blockchain solutions for tech start-ups, SME and enterprises. Unlike our competitors, we have 17 years of experience in software development and business consulting. Your search for your perfect partner is officially over. Get started today.

We provide tailored blockchain  solutions

Right from the get-go, our focus is on delivery. We work with you to ensure our timelines are in sync, allowing our developers, designers, and digital marketers to work towards the same end result, at the same time. We are not a factory – we don’t take on projects for the sake of taking on projects. We take on a project only if we know that we can deliver an exceptional end-product to our client.


Through understanding our clients’ needs, we focus on results at every step of the development process. This drive allows us to deliver exceptional products in a short space of time.


We offer end-to-end blockchain ideation and implementation, allowing you to focus on building your solution, while we take care of turning your idea into a fully-functional blockchain solution.

We are a global team of blockchain specialists and enthusiasts

Based in Belgrade and Dublin, we bring our proven track record to blockchain development to accelerate software development for start-ups looking to launch a blockchain powered business, as well as offering enterprise solutions. We have worked with start-ups, global financial institutions, world-renowned brands, and tech titans in our sixteen years of software development experience. We are backed by Belgrade’s most reputable and high-end software development company, Razor, to provide an unrivaled service to our clients.

250+ successful projects

We have worked with over 250 clients in our 16 years of operation, including global financial organizations like the Worldbank and Mastercard.



Our blockchain developers all have more than five years of blockchain experience, delivering exceptional end-products to clients across the globe.

Learn about Blockchain Reactor

We have worked with over 250 clients across the globe. We offer world-leading blockchain consultancy and development services to start-ups and enterprises.

Our Blockchain Solutions

We offer tried-and-testing blockchain development services, leveraging our software development experience, and using a unique mix of commercial and technological acumen.


We provide full-cycle conceptual, marketing, and technical support for your project: white paper consulting, marketing, ERC20 tokens, and more.


Our dApp developers create products that are not only beautifully designed, they are tailored to solve problems and gain a dedicated user base.


We provide comprehensive and standardized audits of Ethereum smart contracts through rigorous independent reviews.


We develop Solidity-based smart contracts for platforms including Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.


Geared towards ICOs/STOs and token sales, enterprises and start-ups, we host workshops for clients looking to launch a blockchain based business.


We can support your blockchain business become GDPR compliant, regardless of its current position.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Vuk, Vladimir, Calvin, and the talented Blockchain Reactor have experience in successfully implementing over 250+ solutions for clients of all sizes. Meet the team below. 

Vladimir Zaric

Vladimir Zaric


Vuk Mirkovic

Vuk Mirkovic


Explore Our Projects

We have successfully implemented 250+ software solutions for clients to date. Explore a selection of these projects below.

AI-Backed Fraud Detection System

We implemented a complete end-to-end design of AI-backed fraud detection system for Transunion Trustev.

Overhauling Web Presence

We carried out a digital overhaul for Ireland’s largest telecommunications company, Eir (formely Meteor).

Token-Based Banking Solution

We developed a cutting-edge international token-based blockchain banking solution for a conglamorate of European banks.

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We provide blockchain development, blockchain consultancy, smart contract development, smart contract auditing, and blockchain accelerator workshops to start-ups looking to leverage the power of blockchain technology in their businesses.