Blockchain Consulting

We provide full-cycle conceptual, marketing, and technical support for your start-up: white paper consulting, website, marketing, ERC20 tokens, and token sale cabinets.

Save You Money

We will determine the projected ROI from the outset – projects will not progress past our scope and feasibility study unless we are confident that there is a very strong business case for the project.

No-Bullshit Policy

We will not bullshit you and tell you what you want to hear like many of the other blockchain consultancy firms on the Internet. Ultimately this will save you valuable time when launching.


We have expertise with every step along the journey, from conceptual support to technical support for your launch. We have a world-class development team ready to work with you on your project.

Our Blockchain Consultancy Service Offerings


Through our networks, we provide expert support for business projects at all stages of Blockchain implementation:

  • analysis of the project and competitors, strategy
  • public relations and mass media
  • institutional investment relations
  • lead nurturing (auto-webinars, e-mail marketing)
  • bounty consulting and community management & social media marketing

White Paper Consulting


  • We craft or review companies’ business models, technical papers, architectures and token economics and help them adjust/pivot their businesses toward the growing blockchain ecosystem, and reflect this in the white paper and messaging across all assets and channels.

Strategic Technology Design

Under the current market situation, your project may be successful in if it is related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and its business model and principles comply with what is considered a common standard in the community. We review companies’ business models and help them adjust/pivot their business towards the growing blockchain ecosystem.

Token Concept Design

The more your business logic execution relies on smart contracts the more interesting your project is for the community. We help companies find the right angle of using blockchain and implement the smart contracts respectively. We design fully comprehensive technology specification and architecture charts, provide your development team training and support your marketing team to get handy with the technological pivot.

Smart Contract Design

We help companies with:

  • Co-creation of the conceptual design of their token sale terms
  • Design of smart contracts
  • Testing of smart contracts and deployment of infrastructure

Website Development

We are experts in website development, having worked with globally-renowned clients. We will create a beautiful website for your business/project with a focus on trust – an important aspect of any new product launch

Our Approach to Consultancy

We have a six-step approach to blockchain product launch. This consulting is carried out with our premium partner, 2140 Consulting.





Scope and Feasibility Study

We begin by defining a high level scope
  • This involves carrying out in-depth market research to establish the business case.
  • A competitor analysis is conducted.
  • We agree on a go-to-market strategy, based on the above.



Blockchain Solution Preparation

Generate full overview of the feasibility and high-level strategy
  • This also includes business case scenarios and rollout strategies.
  • This step will require our in-house system architects to work with the Investereum product managers to determine the most robust, reliable and scalable business model.



Solution Development

Create blockchain project with the relevant platform
  • The platforms we work with include: Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, EOS, Corda, Multi Chain and others.
  • The Solution Development phase will follow our typical project development lifecycle.




Implementation of the marketing strategy and/or go-to-market approach
  • Before commencement of marketing activities, a fully operational proof of concept should be available.




Once the pre-launch marketing and PR activities have been completed, we will assist with the launch process.
  • We have experience with new product roll-out from working with multi-national organisations such as Mastercard and CocaCola, as well as start-ups such as Trustev and Zeto.
  • We will find the most effective way to get you in front of the right people, using unique advertising methods such as programmatic advertising.



Post-Launch Support

Once your project has been launched, we provide comprehensive post-launch support
  • We will work with you to ensure the roll-out plan and roadmap are running as expected.
  • We will continue to tweak the technology and marketing to ensure that targets are met.

Are you ready to launch?

Contact us for a free discovery call. Here is what will happen next:

Contact Us

We will introduce ourselves on a video conference

Meet our senior team

Our senior team will discuss your requirements and strategy

Get your budget

Based on your requirements, we provide budget, activity and timeline estimates

Project kick-off

We bring together a team from a range of disciplines to kick-off your project

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Why Blockchain Reactor?

Experience, paired with a commitment to deliver an exceptional product to each and every project is what makes clients keep coming back to us.

Our Team

Our team is a culmination of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry, all available to work on your project. We have an expert for every domain – no more passing the baton between different firms for different services. We have smart contract developers and architects who actually built the Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks.

Our Experience

In seventeen years, we've worked with over one-hundred tech start-ups, as well as dozens of multi-national organizations. We have the know-how and experience to provide a solution to any problem your blockchain company has. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute and deliver excellence on our timeline promises.

Our Approach

We have a no-bullshit approach. To put it simply, our developers will move to other companies if we are not working on suitable and relevant use cases for smart contracts. We actively measure and monitor our efficiency levels to ensure our team is operating at maximum capacity to deliver projects on-time, every time.


Are you collaborative? Will you keep us informed on progress along each step of the way?

Yes, of course. A key component of any successful product launch is collaboration. Generally, we have weekly or biweekly meetings with our clients to update them on our progress. All of our progress can be tracked on Zoho, Teamwork or the relevant PM tool that we use for your project.

What experience do you have in our industry?

We really have worked across a wide variety on industries. These include healthcare, engineering, technology, science, and non-profits. Our experience is global – we’ve worked with clients in a wide range of demographics, from Japan to Qatar to Ireland.

What is your payment structure?

We charge a set rate for each of the six phases of our launch process. Any additional time expended will be billed on a pre-agreed daily rate.

What are the timelines?

This depends entirely on the feature set of your project. A simple product that has a small feature set, we can complete this in 3 – 6 months from ideation to launch. If you are looking to release a product with a significant feature set, this can take upwards of a year from ideation to launch.

Who holds the intellectual property for the work completed by Blockchain Reactor?

All of the intellectual property and all documents are signed over to the client. There will be strict confidentiality agreements set in place to ensure that there are no compromises.

Can I hire Blockchain Reactor for just one of the six phases?

Yes, although this happens infrequently. Clients trust our team to deliver their products from start to finish.

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